Further Reading

O’Connell, Marina, 2022. Designing Regenerative Food Systems and why we need them now  

Gliessmann, Steve, 2018. Defining Agroecology, Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 42:6. 

Smaje, Chris, 2020.  A Small Farm Future: Making the Case for a Society Built Around Local Economies, Self-Provisioning, Agricultural Diversity and a Shared Earth. 

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Chapter on Wool. 

Further Listening

Farming Fashion
A podcast series – Parts 1, 2 and 3 – broadcast by Farmerama Radio

Soil  to Soil
A podcast series by Fibershed

Black Material Geographies
A collection of conversations and stories with Teju Adisa-Farrar exploring Blackness and textile material culture




Farm Carbon Toolkit 
Designed to help farmers calculate their carbon impact.

Global Farm Metric
A measure of on-farm sustainability.

Soil Association Exchange
Facilitating the exchange of sustainability data for financial benefit, supported by the Soil Association.

Soil Mentor
An app to support understanding of healthy soils.