The Woolgatherers Workshop

Zoe Lyne

Instagram @woolgatherersworkshop


The Woolgatherers Workshop is a knitwear studio based in Chagford, Dartmoor, Devon. Makers of knitted goods from locally sourced yarns.

Through my connection to local shepherds and the farming community I am able to pay a fair price for wool, this honours the heritage of the wool industry of Dartmoor and also provides a lifeline to the local heritage rare breeds; from farms that work in conjunction with nature with commitments to farming in ethical and sustainable ways.

With sustainability and thoughtful craftsmanship at its core The Woolgatherers Workshop strives to be completely traceable, dedicated to making long-lasting garments, using only local, natural and high quality materials and producing in small quantities.

The idea started with a homecoming and a woolgathering, and a view to do things differently. Embracing slow fashion, but more than that, a completely local and holistic approach to design. A thoughtful design practice that is based on an appreciation of materials.

My knitwear is made by hand or by using hand operated knitting machinery using techniques that require skill and attention to detail. By Hand crafting my knitwear in this time-honoured way also has the benefit of being an ethical way of production; the garments and accessories I make use a zero waste technique. Individual pieces of knitwear are fully fashioned or shaped on the machine before they are linked together, eliminating any need for excess yarn or fabric.