The Natural Fibre Company

The Natural Fibre Company Unit B Pipers Court, Pennygillam Way, Launceston, Cornwall PL15 7PJ

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The Natural Fibre Company is a specialist spinning mill making yarns for regional and rare wool producers. We are based in Launceston, Cornwall.  

As British wool spinners we add value by processing quantities of fleece from 20 kilograms up to over a tonne or more. We scour, card, and woollen and worsted spin under one roof, we turn raw fleece into high quality yarn, some of it from rare breed fibre and highly specialised. Most of our customers are in the UK and process rare and specialist breeds.

We sort, scour and card fleeces before spinning it into the finished form specifically asked for by the customer. It can be pure or blended and either woollen or worsted spun and returned to you in balls, hanks or on cones. Each batch is processed entirely individually, guaranteeing that each customer only gets their own fibre returned. We are licensed for organic production by the Soil Association and supported by the Rural Development Programme for England and DEFRA.