PIGMENT Organic Dyes

Ashburton, Devon

Sophie Holt


Instagram @pigmentplantdyes

We grow high quality organic dye plants alongside supporting adults with additional needs into training and employment.  We sell organic dyes, dye kits, dye seed and dyed fabric online and locally, also taking on dye commissions.

Our trainees are within the fabric of the business, which supplies artists, dyers and the wider textile industry. The connection of colour to the land, to farming and to the community is what makes PIGMENT social to its core. The people that have planted, picked and packaged these dyes have an opportunity to learn and work when they often otherwise wouldn’t elsewhere. We champion independence for vulnerable and/or socially isolated adults through therapeutic horticulture, training and pathways to employment.

We farm in regenerative and organic systems to improve soil health, water resilience, increase biodiversity and to better social engagement with fashion and its sources. We minimalise our inputs and recognise the potential of our soil and climate to harness each plant’s potential. Traditional and contemporary dyes from nature, some used for thousands of years.

Our love for growing dye plants, alongside our desire to see less toxic colour on textiles brings us to the point where we joined Fibreshed to connect with other farmers or makers that strive to make a difference to local people and our textile economy.