Hatherleigh, Okehampton, Devon

Paula Wolton

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ONE is the outcome of six years working and touring with OneHutFull –  followed by the #OneChange campaign

 The textile and fibre industry while seeking to control costs have incidentally created supply chains that are often opaque, environmentally hostile and unsustainable.

 ONE is working towards revitalising end to end ethical supply chains in wool, flax, hemp and cotton. We will do this by working alongside supportive corporate businesses, researchers, ethical textiles innovators, overseas social entrepreneurs and educators, gender transformative groups,  NGOs and of course the farmers, shepherds and artisans themselves.

A catalyst for a more ethical economy, ONE is committed to:

 –Facilitate systemic change
– Shine light on best practice
-Renew interest in the farmed landscape
-Encourage the use of renewable and natural resources
-Help develop responsible businesses
-Change how consumers think

 These commitments are aligned with, and encapsulated by the Fibershed model and soil-to-soil cycle. 

ONE focuses on supporting meaningful collaboration and knowledge sharing between big business and established small but growing makers through the ONE AWA:RE programme.