Locks Park Farm

Locks Park Farm, Hatherleigh, Okehampton, Devon EX20 3LZ

Paula Wolton

07817 266023

Instagram: @farmerpaula
Facebook: @paulawolton
Twitter: @farmerpaula

Our farm is a special place – almost unchanged for centuries. A hotchpotch of wet flower-rich grasslands, ancient woodland and small irregular fields bounded by hedgerows. Diversity thrives. Nature abounds. I have been a working farmer for five decades and I’m acutely aware of the enormous changes that need to happen immediately, not just in farming but how we all live our lives and how we interact with the rest of the living world.

I share the belief of many that now, more than ever, in our world of galloping climate change, rapid species extinction, perilous soil condition and economic uncertainty – is the time to act. We must take the initiative on bold, brave new concepts and not balk at those first steps into the unknown.

I sold my cattle around five years ago and the majority of my sheep two years ago leaving the farm free to align itself to nature and for natural processes to hold sway. The land is managed with a light touch and in the future I would like to see the introduction and/or return of natural predators.

I still produce a small quantity of Whiteface Dartmoor wool, the majority of which goes to supply TWOOL, the rest being available for hand spinners, weavers and felters.