Fabric cutting

Jokoto Tailoring

22 West St, Bristol, BS5 0BH

Eloise Atwell & Hannah Bartlett

0117 329 1511


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At Jokoto Tailoring we offer several services, all geared towards peoples’ love, respect and care for their clothing. The services we offer are alterations, mending, tailoring, bespoke, sample and pattern making as well as small-scale production. We also operate as an agent for a dry cleaning company. 

We encourage customers to repair their clothing and keep their items going for longer, rather than throwing them away and buying more. We can give the customer various options for repair or alteration, enabling us to provide a highly flexible service.

Our aim has been to create a space where customers can feel more connected to the process of garment construction and renovation, in the hope that a change in consumer attitude to “throw-away fashion” will develop.

Threads and machine