Homegrown at Hampen

Andoversford, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Lydia Handy


07960 321886

Instagram: @homegrownathampen

Lower Hampen Farm is 320 acres and is roughly half arable an half permanent pasture with a further 20 acres of both new and established woodland. We farm under the HLS Environmental scheme and promote a no-till system to improve soils.

We have a flock of pedigree Devon Closewool sheep which are a rare minority breed who together with our small number of Ruby Red cattle extensively graze our permanent pastures and flower meadows. Devon Closewools are a dual purpose sheep which give delicious meat and bountiful dense fleece of good staple length. The fibre is very versatile and strong and easy to spin and dye. It lends itself to outerwear and blankets with the shearling wool suitable for sweaters, hats and mittens.

We sell all our lamb meat direct to locals and have our wool processed by Curlew Weavers in Wales into yarn and woven blankets and accessories. We also dye our yarn and fleece wool using natural plants dyes grown and forced on the farm, and offer a hands-on dying experience to anyone interested in the natural dying process. We sell and promote our products at Stroud Farmers Market and online.