Felted Sheepskins

Launceston, Cornwall

Rosie Anderson



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I make Felted Sheepskins along with my mum. These look just like real sheepskins but are made only from the shorn fleece, so no animals are harmed in the process. Sometimes people call them vegetarian sheepskins. We make them using just raw fleece, olive soap and saved rainwater water, therefore our process is ethical and sustainable.

We love to use all different breeds and cross breeds of sheep; the different textures and colours keep it really interesting. Fleece quality can vary hugely even within the same breed, so we have to hand pick all of the fleeces we use. We love to use Masham wool as it has the most amazing curls, and Dartmoors have wonderful texture, but equally we have made beautiful fleeces from the most unexpected cross breeds! We keep a small mixed wool flock on our small farm and also buy in raw fleece from other local producers.

We really believe in farming in a wildlife-friendly way, so we have to keep our sheep numbers low because we don’t graze all of our land all of the time. We worked with Devon Wildlife Trust to create species rich wildflower meadows which are amazing! In the summer they are buzzing with all sorts of insects and butterflies, but the sheep aren’t allowed to graze on them during the growing season.

We also offer workshops teaching the process of making felted sheepskins.