Cadbury Alpacas

Tickenham, Somerset

Charlotte Brockwell
07931 902292

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Cadbury Alpacas is a small alpaca farm, breeding and producing fibre from both huacaya and the much rarer suri alpacas, which we use to create our own products and gifts.  

Our alpaca are kept outside year round meaning they are pasture -fed and not reliant on grain or other concentrates – supplemented only with our own hay and some additional minerals.  As a ‘modified ruminant’ alpacas have three stomachs rather than four – making them more efficient at converting grass and hay into energy than most other farm animals. What comes out the other end is also particularly high in nitrogen and potassium – an excellent fertiliser for fruit and vegetables. Having padded feet rather than hooves means that they tread lightly on the soil, minimising soil disturbance, erosion and pasture damage through grass ‘poaching.’ Meanwhile they provide us with the wonderful renewable resource of their fleece which we shear every year.

Alpaca fleece provides the most incredible natural fibre, unique because it is a hollow fibre which thermoregulates;  lanolin-free so great for sensitive skin; soft; smooth and hard wearing. Alpacas are one of the earliest animals to be domesticated primarily for fibre-as early as 6000 years ago by ancient civilisations in South America who prized suri fleece above gold! 

We collaborate local crafters to work with our fibre, hand-felting, knitting and crocheting beautiful original alpaca products including knitwear, baby wear, bedding, toys, shoe insoles, socks and even soap. All our handmade items can be traced back to individual alpacas who are part of our growing family.