British Alpaca Fashion

Dulverton, Somerset

Anila Preston 

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We are a family owned alpaca and guanaco farm in the Exmoor National Park. We produce our own fibre from which we design and make textiles and knitwear in our farm studio. Twelve years of R&D and hard work have resulted in an indepth knowledge of alpaca fibre and its properties. We now have the expertise of understanding how to produce high quality sustainable environmentally friendly products from British alpaca and British guanaco fibre. 

We hold the registered trademark EKOALPAKA which reflects our ethos for British Alpaca yarns based on a circular sustainable system: 

– cruelty free animal fibre
– pesticide free pasture
– hay from our farm
– animals have shelter in barns from adverse weather
– clean mineral water in all fields and barns 

In 2011 we were winners at the Conservative Start Up Hub competition having competed against start up businesses throughout the UK. In 2014 we won the national award for the Best Brand at the Rural Business Awards sponsored by the Country Land Owners Association 

We work on collaborations with various universities on design projects which include running workshops on grading and selecting sustainable fibre for production, as well as designing, programming and making knitwear for design graduate students designers and other fibre producers. We offer a design consultancy service for weaving and knitting and take commissions on development of designs and production of garments using alpaca. 

Our focus now is to introduce EKOALPAKA products which recognise the value of the people who work on the farm to design and create our products and those responsible for the welfare of our alpacas.