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What is regenerative agriculture, and how do regenerative fibres have potential to benefit UK farmers?

By Rebekah Smith Regenerative agriculture is a farming process that is rapidly finding traction, as it offers a solution to globally degraded soils, through the cultivation of land and livestock in a way that works with, rather than against, nature. With the IPCC target of maintaining the global temperature increase below 1.5°C 1, there is […]

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What is the difference between being sustainable and being regenerative? (Through a fashion and fibre lens.)

By Rebekah Smith In recent years there has been a rise in sustainability as a priority in the fashion industry 1. With ever-evolving conscious lifestyles, consumers are increasingly seeking more ethical products that embody good, or even great, social and environmental values. More questions than ever are now being asked about the traceability and the […]

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