Moretonhampstead, Devon

Yuli Sømme

07763 935897

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I source organic wool from as close to the South West as possible, sometimes from within 10 miles. Until recently, I gathered the wool from Devon local farms, and took this to Buckfastleigh Spinning Co. where the wool was scoured and felted whilst I was present, so I could learn the process.  I developed a good relationship with the mill, but unfortunately it closed and I was forced to get the whole process done in Yorkshire. 

 Myself and Justin Floyd (Solid Wool) took a trip there to research how best to proceed with commissioning felting whilst maintaining our ethical principles regarding animal and environmental welfare. This we have succeeded in doing, despite the limitations of much reduced facilities and availabilities.

 I make domestic products such as tuffets, tea cosies, cushions (wool stuffing), mats, hats, and small items.  The main income for my business is the Leafcocoon and the Oseberg Cradle.  These are vessels to bear our dead to the ground or for cremation.  These are of a unique design, but inspired by an ancient British law of burial in wool.  My aim is to make a truly ecological alternative to conventional coffins, but one that suits contemporary sensitivities towards death.  Therefore, these are multi-layered cocoons rather than conventional shrouds, held safely on sturdy, locally sourced and sustainably managed wood or reclaimed timber.  All elements are carefully sourced and some materials are salvaged from Proper Job, our local re-use and recycling centre.  Everything is of natural origin, so will compost down.